Daytime at Chill



8am - 5pm

We’re a specialty coffee house serving beautiful roasts from Papa Palheta, made with love by our passionate baristas


Black Coffee 4.5

espresso, ristretto, long black, etc.

White Coffee 5.5

latte, flat white, cappuccino, piccolo, etc.

Iced Coffee +1

Chai Latte / Matcha Latte 5.5

Tea & Infusion 4

Shizuoka sencha, earl grey lavender, lemon ginger mint, ginger lily, chamomile



Comfort food, with heart. We also offer lunch dishes from our adjoining NUDE Grill


Hippie Pig 19.5

wine-braised pulled pork, rigatoni pasta, mushroom medley, cream, confit tomatoes

NUDIE Fried Chicken 19.8

juicy, crispy half chicken with ponzu coleslaw and butter basmati rice