Our Story

happy team,

happy food,

happy guests

We’re a contemporary Asian watering hole. We curate exceptional ingredients and drinks, coax them with a beautiful barista, chef, and mixologist’s touch, share them with warm hospitality.

We’re an unusual team. Too young, too diverse, too tight. And we set ourselves an unusual mission—making Food like the Laughter Of Children (the acronym behind our company name FLOC), whilst building fulfilling and sustainable careers for our people.

Our vision is to be the most innovative and respected F&B group, breaking meaningful tradeoffs and always doing the right things.

At NUDE, we apply our fine dining background towards cooking simply and honestly; where we find our own cuisine and voice; where we cook to make people happy, and work with friends to build something beautiful together.

Happy Team, Happy Food, Happy Guests is not just our motto, it’s our way of life.


Partners: Hong Junchen, Nick Kuang

Head Chef: Tan Kee Leng

Sous Chef: Marshall Chai

Hospitality Manager: Lily Orocio,

Head Barista: William Valdoria

Mixologists: Sufi Hizrian

Chefs: Francis Ee, Vincent Chai, Francis Chai, Hew Wei Quan, James Cheah

Hospitality Team: DBN, Marvin John